Financial Help is desperately needed:

 To make Political contributions:

Make checks payable to "John Webster for State Senate"; include occupation and name of employer.

 To keep this Web-site operating:

Make checks payable to "Go Daddy Hosting" (the current provider of this web-site) amounts should be multiples of $10.00.

 To help with the legal fight against the San Jose Bad Cops:

Make checks that are $100.00 or less payable to John H. Webster (for higher amounts use multiple checks).

 Loans from $100 to $20,000 also accepted.

Loans will be paid back at 10 times the amount if a legal breakthrough allows Mr. Webster to successfully sue in excess of $1 million. If no such breakthrough occurs then loans will be paid back eventually at face value (this could take years particularly if Mr. Webster is incarcerated during this fight). Loans made after there is a legal breakthrough will only be paid back at 2 times the amount if accepted at all. Make sure that the check is marked that it is a loan.

 Donations made through PayPal:

Account: please e-mail me to notify me first and as to whether it is a gift or a loan.

Currently credit card transactions with this account are not allowed.

 All checks should be sent to the following address:

          John Webster 
          809-B Cuesta Dr., #167
          Mountain View, CA 94040

 By locating a software job for Mr. Webster somewhere in "Silicon Valley, CA".

Mr. Webster has over ten years experience as a software engineer in Visual C++, and currently coming up to speed with Java; his experience includes some firmware. The company should be willing to accept a programmer that is also an active political activist/shit-disturber (which includes fighting the IRS and Franchise Tax Board). A resume’ will be made available to the company upon request.

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