Conspiracy Theories  -- a little truth, plus a lot of imagination…

Before we discount these theories we need to realize that most of them have a grain of truth in them.  In order to find that grain we need to understand some of the basic human qualities that motivate individuals and groups.  For example an individual or group may believe that its envisioned Ends are so righteous that it justifies lying/cheating/killing to achieve it (the classic “Ends Justify the Means”).  These people actually see themselves as the “Good Guys” working for good Ends.  Others are simply “Fighting for their Survival” taking what they feel rightfully belongs to them in what they see as a “Survival of the Fittest” battle.


One approach at figuring these theories out is to hypothesize the simplest missing information that would make all the known pieces fall into place.  Sometimes this requires that we “Think Outside the Box”, sometimes it requires that we realize that the Bad guys may think of themselves as the Good guys. Also, we should not forget that sometimes in an argument about the validity of theory, both sides may be right and/or both sides may be wrong.


A look at a few Conspiracy Theories:

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Banker’s Control --The Best Government that Money has bought:

An interesting study is to look at how the Organized Crime Families got their hooks into legitimate companies.  They would first loan money to a company when it was having a small financial crisis.  The loan would be generous but with a tight payback schedule and a high interest rate.  Eventually the company would have trouble with one of the payments.  The Crime Family would then reassure the company that they can slide on the loan repayment if they will place two Family members as key employees to the company.

One of the Family members would be placed as a Purchasing Agent, and the other would be a warehouse worker in Receiving.  The Purchasing Agent would then start ordering bogus equipment from a non-existent supplier, sending out checks supposedly to pay for those items.  The warehouse worker would then sign the documents claiming that the non-existent items had been received and put into the company warehouse.  Together they would steal the company blind and direct the money to the Family.

Today the US Government is over 7 Trillion dollars in debt to various financial institutions such as the Federal Reserve, international banks and others.  One would have to be pretty naive to not realize that some of those institutions had to have requested that before more money would be loaned to the US Government, that certain of their colleagues would have to be placed in key positions within that Government.  In addition, those institutions would supply money to get their desired personnel elected to office; people that would then be beholden to those institutions.

The desired Ends for placing those people into key positions within the Government is ultimately for the financial gain of those institutions.  This involves reinforcing the process by which the IRS and other agencies of the Government can extort money and property from the American people.  A critical step was allowing the Federal Reserve to issue Fiat paper money, with no real backing, in place of Silver Certificates (which could be redeemed for Silver).  This allowed the Federal Reserve to endlessly flood the economy with more worthless certificates thereby stealing value from all the holders of the previous dollars. 

A recent reinforcement of the ability of our Government to steal value from the American people was when the US Supreme Court ruled in Kelo v. City of New London that cities could, using eminent domain, take property from private owners to give to private developers simply because of expected tax revenue increases.

Furthering those Ends then involves the creation of a war economy to justify the Government spending billions of dollars even where little benefit goes to the Public that actually pays for it in taxes.

Today, our Government has sold its soul to the highest bidder.

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The Waco tragedy Federal Law Enforcement covering up the mass killing of men, woman and children.

The underlying problem that the US Government and the Federal Agencies had with the Branch Dividians at Waco is that those Dividians refused to acknowledge the Supreme Moral Authority of the Federal Government.  In addition, those Dividians had accumulated the fire power to defend themselves.  The US Government then clearly had to make an example of Koresh and his Cult.  So much for the “Right to be Different”.

In my own legal case I did exhaustive analysis of the altered evidence tapes and learned clues to the types of edits done by police and Federal Agents.  The “Official” audio tapes taken from the phone call between the Federal negotiators and David Koresh, and from the bugging devices all have many of those same clues.  For example on my evidence tapes many of the edits were simply done to break up the conversation to make it sound like my conversations jumped around.  This made their edited portions less noticeable and made me sound somewhat disoriented.  This same technique was clearly used with David Koresh’s talk on the Waco tapes.  Also, the tapes were officially lost, then found later (loosing the chain of custody), but what surely happened was that that’s when the tapes were altered but no one wanted to put their career on the line testifying as to the integrity of the now altered tapes.

Because the Waco tapes had lost the chain of custody, they couldn’t be used in court (nor should they be), however they were used, with the alterations, to convince the Public that the Branch Dividians had committed suicide with gasoline.  They clearly had not committed suicide but instead had distributed gasoline in bottles to use as Molotov Cocktails to fight the tanks.  The only real question is whether or not the Federal Agents were intentionally pursuing a course that they knew would result in a fire (filling the compound with flammable CS gas).  Or were they just stupid and naïve; I would place my bet on the former.

I personally believe that the actual fire was started upstairs at a window directly over a place where a tank was injecting CS gas, by someone trying to light a Molotov Cocktail to drop on that tank.  That flame also ignited the CS gas, which sent a plume of flame through the building simultaneously igniting many other points.

I am sure that the Federal Agencies were simply told to dispose of the “Branch Dividian problem” and then to fabricate evidence and make up stories to be told to the Public that would make the FBI and ATF out as the good guys and the Branch Dividian out as the strange evil Child Abusing suicidal cult.

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Oklahoma City bombing – A “Confidential Informant” fiasco..

One of the main tactics that have been used by the FBI, BATF, and even experienced by myself, is the use by Law Enforcement of Confidential Informants who were directed to blend in with anti-government extremist groups and observe and report back to their Law Enforcement Agencies what they observed.  Unfortunately, since the informant is paid for reporting back critical activity this creates an artificial incentive for the “Informant/Observer” to actually become actively involved and incite and create the very activity that he then can report on.

This whole incident reeks of “Confidential Informants” being involved, what with Court documents with blacked out names, and with certain alleged accomplices of Timothy McVeigh not being investigated.  You can bet money on the fact that someone helped McVeigh with procuring the material to make the explosives and who possibly even helped drive the truck to the Federal Building.  This person no doubt was also reporting to and working with Law Enforcement Agencies.  He would have informed them that the Federal Building was targeted for destruction.

Now I suppose it is possible that there was some miss-communication between that Informants and the Agencies as to when that building was to be blown up so as to prevent those agencies from intervening in time.  But various conspiracy theories suggest that those agencies were more interested in transporting records and evidence into that Federal Building that they wanted destroyed, rather than in stopping the destruction of that building.

Hopefully eventually the truth will really come out but unfortunately our Government likes to keep us all in the dark.

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9/11 Twin Towers – A lot of unanswered questions; someone is hiding something

Question: Where are the Flight Recorders of those planes? Has there ever been a major airline crash before where the authorities haven't made extensive efforts to locate those recorders. The Voice Recorder alone would have proven invaluable and it is made to survive crashes. So where is it?

Question: Why did the Twin Towers fall? There was a lot of hype trying to get us all to accept the supposed obvious scenario of Terrorist flying planes into the twin towers causing the collapse.  There even was a film shown on PBS television that came to the great conclusion that it was only the concurrence of two key elements that caused the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center to collapse.  Those two elements were the explosive impact of the aircraft, and the intense fire.  The PBS analysis concluded that it is only because of both of those elements coming together that caused the towers to collapse.

The problem in this “logic” is that a third and shorter (47-story) building of the same construction, building #7 of the World Trade Center, also collapsed.  Yet there was no collision involved in that collapse, only a fire.

Some of the Conspiracy Theories hypothesize .that building #7 was being use as a command center to “Fly the planes by wire” into the Towers, and that command center had to be destroyed to hide that fact. 

Even if we were to believe this general concept, a more realistic and easier scenario to pull off is the following: A UHF TACAN (Ultra High Frequency Tactical Air Navigation) transmitter is placed on the roof or top floor of WTC building seven.

These are the transmitters that are normally placed at the end of airport runways that give aircraft even thousands of miles away the precise angle and distance to that transmitter. Each airport has its TACAN transmitter on a distinct frequency so that after he takes off a pilot can simply switch his TACAN receiver to the frequency for the destination airport and then just fly with the autopilot until he is ready to switch to his landing/approach system

In this scenario then the "Terrorist Hijackers" would not have to really fly the plane at all but only need to recognize the TACAN receiver instrument, know what frequency to switch it to (to match the transmitter installed in WTC building seven), and know how to engage the autopilot. Then when the Twin Towers are within sight they would disengage the auto pilot and fly manually for the last few seconds to hit the towers instead of building seven.

Note that if this was what happened, that the data Flight Recorders if found would show that the plane had been on auto pilot and what frequency the TACAN had been set to.

While these theories are interesting reading, we really should observe Occam's Razor and keep our theories down to the least weird scenario that could explain things.

At the very least, the design of the World Trade Center Towers was faulty or the construction was shoddy (replacing designed components with cheaper substitutes), allowing the towers to collapse from only a fire.  Note that if the Towers had not collapsed only a few hundred people, the people in the planes and on the floors that were hit, would have been killed from this terrorist attack.  In other words, the owners of the World Trade Center are most likely at fault and libel for the fact that over three thousand people died.  I would say that there is a hell of an incentive for these owners to make sure that the public buys the “Official” view.

For an alternate view looking at the possibility that demolition charges were used see Splash Video 9-11 Revisited or a paper at URL:

One interesting observation from these videos is the termendous amount of concrete dust generated even from the top floors as they begin to fall; along with the fact that the buildings fell at pretty close to free-fall speeds. What this suggests is that the concrete supports of each floor were being pulverized by explosion before each floor collapsed rather than because of each floor's collapse.

If true this means that the whole incident was orchestrated to accomplish two ends. The first being to pull off a massive $1.6 Billion insurance fraud (the recently purchased policy only paying out on a "Terrorist" incident), and second to justify President Bush getting dictatorial powers.

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9/11 Pentagon CrashThey knew it was coming, stopped it and then faked it, all to hide what they knew.

The National Transportation Safety Board released what was supposedly the data from the flight recorder from American Airlines Flight 77 that alledgely hit the Pentagon, so why are there descrepancies between that data and what was observed?

For example, the plane that hit the Pentagon first knocked down five light poles and continued in almost level flight into the Pentagon. The flight simulation based on the NTSB data has the plane in the middle of a steep decent when it hit the Pentagon. These descrepencies suggest that the supposed flight data was completely fabrecated to match the official explanation but with a few mistakes made.  For a complete analysis visit PilotsFor911Truth.Org

Pentagon Crash – (to get an update to run this Flash presentation click here)

Note:  The Video that the Pentagon finally released in April/May of 2006 to supposedly prove that a Boeing 757 actually hit the Pentagon, really is just the same old video included in the above Flash presentation (near the end of Flash).  It only shows something (much smaller than a 757) flying parallel to the ground and hitting the Pentagon, and that video was what was leaked several years ago anyway.

The Missing Wings – A analytical analysis of the structural damage that would have happen if a Boeing 757 had really hit the Pentagon.

It is clear that a large passenger aircraft did not fly into the Pentagon; perhaps it was some sort to remote piloted drone such as a Global Hawk or a cruse missle.  It apparently was only a staged “Terrorist” attack.  That plane/drone even made a slow 330 degree turn to hit a portion of the Pentagon that was being renovated, where there were only minimal personnel.

An interesting bit of information shows exactly how far the (WW-II Allies and US) Military will go to in order to protect its sources of information.  In World War II when we had at long last cracked one of the Enigma Codes used by the Nazis, one of the first messages deciphered was a communication about how a French village was to be wiped off the map by the Nazi.  But the decision was made to not save the village’s inhabitance since to do so would make it obvious to the Germans that the code was no longer safe for them to use.  In other words keeping the fact that the code was broken secret was worth the hundreds of lives lost in that village.

What I believe happened on 9/11 is that the Pentagon officials knew ahead of time that the Terrorist attack was going to occur, but they had to allow the attack to be carried out so that their source of information would not be compromised.  However they couldn’t allow the attack on the Pentagon itself so they intercepted and shot down that plane targeting the Pentagon.  They then had to fake a smaller controlled plane crash into the Pentagon to prevent people from getting suspicious.  Note that the officials would have known that the passengers of the plane were doomed anyway so would have given little thought to shooting it down themselves.

Please note that even I would want their source of information kept secret for two possible sources (although I would question whether or not keeping the source secret was worth the three thousand lives lost at the World Trade Center).

-- The informant is a man close to Al-Qaeda, so information on many future terrorist attacks would be compromised if his cover was blown.

-- The “Terrorist” attacks were really orchestrated from the White House, and the Pentagon learned the plans because they have electronic bugs in the White House.  If President Bush suspected this he would have the place scanned for bugs and have them removed.

Again on PBS some official comes out and “confirms” that he actually saw the Boeing 757 strike the Pentagon.  Clearly if this were the truth then the FBI and Pentagon could simply release the many video tapes that would have shown the plane hitting the Pentagon.  What is really going on is that this person just understood what was at stake so did his part in covering up what really happened.

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The Killing of Osama Bin LadenCleaning up a loose end: Making sure that he did not have the chance to prove his innocence in a Court of Law.

In alternate translations of Bin Laden's videos, while he did celebrate the events that occured on September 11'th 2001, he NEVER actually accepted responsibility for them. Now in the official reports on the raid of Bin Laden's compound they admit that he himself was not armed. So why were those Navy Seals not able to just take him prisoner? My guess is that President Obama gave them strict orders to simply kill him on sight. I am sure that was done specifically so there would be no trial.

We can only guess what information would have come out in such a trial. Did he have nothing to do with those events? Or did he receive help and information from the CIA or some other US Government source on how to best pull it off. Somehow those events were coordinated with the Defense department's simulation drills, so if Bin Laden was ideed the "Mastermind of 9/11" then he had an informant inside the government telling him how and when to do it.

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