John Webster for Mt. View City Council

KMVT-15 Campaign Statement for John Webster

John Webster’s prime focus is fighting the Dark Side of Democracy, where “Political Might makes Right” enforces the Tyranny of the Majority. This kind of Political Power corrupts the system until it believes and practices that “The Ends Justify the Means” and becomes truly evil.

This mentality of the Government starts when “We, the collective People” stop respecting the difference between what “We, the People” as a group owns and has a right to control, and what the individual in society owns that the group does not have the right to take or control.

On the local level, this shows up first when everyone votes on whether or not taxes should be raised on property owners to pay for services for everyone. Each person votes on whether the benefits received are worth the dollars paid. Of course, the person that pays no property taxes receives benefits also, but all members of the community feel they deserve those benefits for which they have not paid.

The alternative is for this City and all governments to treat their citizens and taxpayers as customers, where the people that benefit from a program are also the ones that pay for that program. Those same people are also the ones who are most qualified to decide whether those benefits are really worth the cost.

John Webster understands these principles and promises to work for efficient government that respects the Property and Civil rights of each person, and to work towards the goal that each of us pays for just the benefits we receive.

In the final analysis, every level of Government needs an elected member like John Webster to keep it within its proper ethical boundaries. This means that for the good of our City of Mountain View, you need to vote for John Webster for City Council on November 7th.

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