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 In these United States it seems that we only have Free Speech rights as long as the System is able to successfully ignore that speech.  On March 12th 2003, John Webster was served with a Temporary Restraining Order in order to squelch his speech.  In July of 2003 that order was made permanent (and affirmed by the Appellate Court in December of 2004).  It seems that the system equates "The Free Speech of notifying people working at the San Jose Police Department that they have a Bad Cop in their midst" to "Harassing a City employee at her place of employment".  And of course the system has no intent of ever allowing those accusations to be proven.

And the reminding the Police and the Courts that vigilante violence is the predictable result of the Justice System actively covering up for Bad-Cops and no longer seeking real justice (given so as to encourage them to seek real justice) becomes instead the giving of a “Terrorist threat”.  The Courts are simply blind to the fact that they are choosing a path of destruction for our Government and are instead determined to silence the messenger.

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The Restraining order . -- Actual Court documents showing how the legal system is being perverted to save the City's behind.

The Law Enforcement Scam . -- Actual evidence and court documents showing how the supposedly "benevolent" police state we now have, routinely circumvents our Bill of Rights. See and hear real evidence of how the San Jose (CA) police and a Federal Law Enforcement agency commit Organized Criminal Activity in the premeditated hiding and altering of evidence. This was done, not to catch some hardened criminal of some heinous act, but rather to catch the Politically Incorrect Parent of committing thought crimes.

Conspiracy Theories -- A little truth plus a lot of imagination.

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     The purpose of this web-site and all the effort that Mr. Webster has gone to is to notify the People in the US that our State and Federal Governments have now switched to believing that the "Ends Justify the Means". The people in power in those Governments now use lies, deceit, and the blind enforcement of bad laws to control the People. They also use Public Education and controlled Media to convince the People that the Law and "Will of the People (in power)" are the ultimate moral authority and should not be questioned. All of this is ultimately leading to the destruction of our system of Government and our country. Mr. Webster is doing all that he can to stop this spiral of destruction.

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